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La Fresneda: Laura Miravete y Sus Historias

La Fresneda, Laura Miravete y Sus Historias

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La Fresneda: Laura Miravete y Sus Historias
La Fresneda, Laura Miravete y Sus Historias, libro en castellano

English description :

La Fresneda captures the essence of life in a small village in the mountains of Aragon, Spain. Written by a lifetime resident who began recording observations in 1976 as part of a thesis being written by Harvard University anthropologist William Gladstone on the nature of Collective Distrust, La Fresneda is a unique record of the intimate life of a village with a proud and unique history.

Laura Miravete, manos, La Fresneda, Matarraña
No es una foto suya, pronto pondré una

Author Laura Miravete is a keen observer of the life and behavior of all those living in and visiting La Fresneda over the last forty years. Ms. Miravete rarely left her village in those forty years and through her writing was honored as the official historian of La Fresneda. Although suffering from Parkinson’s disease since birth, Ms. Miravete is an accomplished artist as well as writer. Her drawings and paintings add an additional level of intimacy to this delightful collection of memories and stories.

This book will intrigue the casual reader who through its pages can now vicariously visit La Fresneda. Students of Spanish life and culture will be especially appreciative of the portraits and insights shared by a brave and astute woman who never allowed her disability to diminish her ability to live a full and eventful life while becoming a much appreciated source of support for others in her village. 

In addition to the stories and memories there are also poems. These poems capture, as did those of Emily Dickinson, who also focused her entire life around a geographically small village, the deeper reality that is available to those whose attention and awareness increases through careful observation and appreciation of life in a small village.

Laura Miravete was born in La Fresneda , Matarraña, Spain during the poverty years after the Spanish Civil War which existed from the 1940s through the 1960s. Born with Parkinson's disease, Laura was not able to take on the normal work role of assisting with the agricultural tasks which would have been her responsibility. However, Laura was able to fully participate in the life of the village which during her adolesence had fewer than 600 full time inhabitants.

It was not until the late 1970s and beyond that former residents of La Fresneda began returning for festivals and summer vacations. They started to realize the gem of architecture and moutain beauty their native village contained. Houses were renovated, a five start hotel was established (Convent) and at least for the summer months La Fresneda returned to a time of glory and activity.

Throught these transitions, Ms. Miravete continued to write about her village. As an accomplished artist Mr. Miravete was able to capture the beauty of la Fresneda in paintings and drawings. She slowly became recognized for her contributions to preserving the heritage of her town and was officially recognized as the town's historian. Ha sido reconocida como la historiadora de La Fresneda.

Laura continues to live as always has in La Fresneda and will gladly meet with any reader who might choose to visit the town she cherishs. Laura can be contacted via email.